Admission & Registration

The Registration Department plays an important role in the management and administration of many of the academic processes & transactions of the college. It works toward managing student acceptance & admission, course registration & advising, preparing timetables, managing examinations, student transfers,changing courses and many other academic services.

Registration with students


Every academic year, the Ministry of Manpower will decide the number of students to be admitted to the College. They also decide the minimum marks that qualify a student for acceptance, which may vary from year to year depending on the available resources, the quality of education, competition between students and the labor market needs.

The admission of an incoming student to the college is done centrally by the Higher Education Commission Admission Center (HEAC). All Omani high school graduates who satisfy the criteria are eligible for admission.

The registration office allocates the intake to the college based on the number of students and their home regions. Students are entered in the central registration system and UTAS-Nizwa receives a list of students who have been assigned to the college and are admitted to the English Language Center (ELC).

General Education Diploma students are accepted at the technical colleges by HEAC, where the specific technical college registers and provides seats to the accredited students in different programs. After verifying that the student is medically fit, an interview or tests may be carried out, and they will be given oral or written examinations. The admission process lasts for two weeks.

Admission Rules and Procedures

Student reading

Terms and conditions of students registering in the colleges

  1. To be transferred from HEAC
  2. Fill in the form for this purpose to be signed by the guardian including the approval to inform him about the college admission requirements and study the system and receive a copy of it and attach to the form the following documents.
    • A certificate that confirms obtaining a General Education Diploma or equivalent combined with a certified degree list along with a list of the student’s degrees  and the courses obtained and approved by the competent authorities if they are from outside of the Sultanate.
    • A copy of the identity card.
    • Certificate of good conduct.
    • A copy of the birth certificate or estimate age in the absence of a birth certificate
    • Four personal photos.
  3. Must be medically fit.
  4. The student success in any personal interviews or any tests may be carried out to him, whether oral or written.
Student taking exam

Accepting students from other higher education institutions

  1. Other students of higher education institutions can transfer to technical colleges under the following conditions:
  2. Be Omani nationality and not more than 25 years of age.
  3. Be registered in one of the higher education institutions while submitting the application.
  4. Must have completed successfully the minimum requirements of the Foundation Year (English, information technology and pure & applied mathematics).
  5. Must have obtained 500 points in the TOEFL or 4.5 in IELTS Test.
  6. Should not be under academic observation, and his cumulative GPA is not less than 2.00 out of 4.00.
  7. The study duration after moving to the college should not be less than 50% of the courses for the certificate wishing to obtain.
  8. Fulfilling specialization’s special conditions the student is moving to.


The Registration Department provides quality services to students & staff with respect to academic registration, students records & academic procedures. The department services include:

The Ministry of Manpower provides Student Information Management System where students can check & view their registration status & transactions, view timetables, Absence, check grades and more.

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