Academic FAQ

  • 1.  

    How can I get my grades in the courses I took?

    After the approval of the outcome of the Faculty Council the student can get the result through one of the following means: SMS service, access to the ministry's website, access to the college's website.

  • 2.  

    How often repeating a level during the foundation year is allowed?

    Only one time.

  • 3.  

    What to do when I move to any specialty department?

    You follow-up bulletin boards of that special section and know your advisor. Then go to him to guide you to the courses that you can register in the first semester of the study and knowledge of registration dates and times as well as to identify the registration procedures. Care must be taken to expedite the registration of courses so that you can choose what suits you from the sections and timetables.

  • 4.  

    What is the difference between the classroom hours and the dependent hours, and which of them are included in the cumulative average account?

    The classroom hours are the theoretical or practical hours that are studied by the student in one scheduled subject in a week and the dependent hours are equivalent to one theoretical hour or two hours per week and enter the approved hour is included in quarterly and cumulative average account.

  • 5.  

    Is the diploma rate included in the Higher Diploma rate?

    No, each level rate is calculated separately to move from one level to another in particular.

  • 6.  

    If I failed a course, is its grade going to be calculated in the cumulative average?

    If you failed a course for the first time, it will be calculated in the grade point average as long as you did not re-sit, but if you repeated it and succeeded then the first score will be canceled and replaced with the second score in the same semester in which you repeated the course. And if you re-scheduled for the third time then the second time grade will be calculated along with the other following times in the accumulative average.

  • 7.  

    Am I going to be dismissed from the college if I failed a course more than twice?

    No, but your dismissal from the college depends on your accumulative average and the number of times that you undergone Academic of notes.

  • 8.  

    What is the certificate that I get if I couldn’t elevate my accumulative average to 2.0 at the end of the next semester after being put under the academic observation?

    You do not get a certificate, but rather you get a notification about your academic subjects you studied and the grades you obtained along with your accumulative average.

  • 9.  

    I was subjected to the academy observation once and then succeeded in all courses and got a GPA of 2.0 or more, and in one of the coming semesters my accumulative average dropped to less than 2.0 Am I considered being under the first academic observation or the second one?

    You are subjected to the academic observation for the first time for your accumulative average dropped below 2.0 in two consecutive semesters.

  • 10.  

    Can I change my specialty within the same section?

    Yes, but during the first week of your admission and study in the specialty, but after that it would be very difficult to change specialization.

  • 11.  

    Can I move to another college?

    There are two ways to move to another college: First for sickness or family reasons and the transition here depend on providing the necessary documents to prove the case of the transition along with the approval of the college you want to move to. And the second way is to move to study a specialty which is not available at the college in which the student studies and available in another college, which determines the total number of seats available and the rate and the required grades upon which the students who wish to move must compete.

  • 12.  

    Do I bear any responsibility in case of giving me wrong information and data?

    Yes, the student bears all the responsibility for any erroneous data written or verbally.

  • 13.  

    What follows in the case of damage or loss of books from the library or the pamphlets delivered to me?

    This may lead to not allow you to register courses that are necessary unless you done with that where you are responsible for the loss or destruction and the college will fine you instead.

  • 14.  

    Being not aware of the systems, laws and regulations followed in the college am I exempted from responsibility?

    You need to be fully aware of all the systems and laws and regulations followed in the college because not knowing them does exempts you from liability.

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