UTAS-Nizwa Alumni

UTAS-Nizwa Alumni


Make a difference for your college. Join the UTAS-Nizwa Alumni Group. This section of the UTAS-Nizwa Website is created to reach out to you, and to promote the relationship between the UTAS-Nizwa and its alumni. Graduates of UTAS-Nizwa or those who have attended the UTAS-Nizwa are encouraged to participate in the Alumni group. The Office of the Student Affairs, in cooperation with ETC, serves as the liaison between the UTAS-Nizwa and those seeking membership to the Alumni Group.

For other information regarding the UTAS-Nizwa Alumni Group, you can contact the UTAS-Nizwa admin.

Benefits & Services

The students, who graduated from UTAS-Nizwa and joined UTAS-Nizwa Graduates Network, will:

  • Get support and guidance in getting a job by the Career Guidance Office.
  • Start business and be an entrepreneur supported by the Business Center at UTAS-Nizwa.
  • Stay in touch with former classmates on the Alumni webpage.
  • Be informed about what is the latest news and events happening inside UTAS-Nizwa Campus.
  • Get benefits to enter the UTAS-NizwaLibrary and use the library services.
  • Have an opportunity to continue a part-time study degree after employment.
  • Contact with staff & friends.


Alumni Network - Board of Directors

Alumni Network Members

Contact Alumni Follow-up Office

For more information or enquiries regarding to UTAS-Nizwa Alumni, Contact the office of Alumni Folow-up, as below:

Fahad Afif Al Sawaqi

Head of Counselling & Graduates Follow-up

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