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About the Center

The Business Center at UTAS-Nizwa is the first of its kind at the level of educational and academic institutions in the Sultanate. It has been established with the generous support of the Oman LNG. The Center seeks to inspire, educate, engage students to collaborate and create opportunities through innovation incubators. In addition, the center inculcate and enhance entrepreneurship skills by creative solutions in cooperation with industry, community and academia. Furthermore, it works to enhance the relationship with industry, community and different academic Institutions.

Center Mission

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The Centre is a hub for the students’ community to develop, promote their business model to the stakeholders through innovation, entrepreneurship and industry partnership.

Center Vision

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To become a leading centre of innovation and developing the Entrepreneurial talents of the students, fostering the relationship with community and industry.

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  1. To get breakthrough solutions by synergizing uncommon ideas, hazards and thinking big.
  2. To imbibe the thoughtfulness of doing the things differently in every walk of life.
  3. To seize opportunities in research and designs for innovation and entrepreneurship in AL-Dhakhailya Governate.
  4. To facilitate, construct and advocate innovative business model in AL-Dhakhailya Governate.
  5. To bring inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs on one common platform in the Governate.
  1. Training and workshop
  2. Seminars/ Conferences
  3. Incubation Centre
  4. Business model
  5. Association to investors
  6. Branding of ideas

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Mr. Samir Yaqoot Salmeen Al-mahrouqi