OJT Department

The NCT OJT Program involves an industry-based learning term for students. This enables students to gain hands-on skills pertinent to their industry even before they leave the college. It also ensures the competency of our graduates in a real-life work environment which puts them in high demand for employers.

Engineering students doing machine work

The college advocates a strong partnership with industry, business, and communities, not only locally, but throughout the Sultanate. Various means of collaborating with these sectors, particularly the industrial sector, have been initiated by the college. On-going communication with various industries are maintained with the goal of building strong ties that will benefit both groups.

General Aims of OJT

  • to demonstrate the broad role and importance of technicians in industry/commerce
  • to give student an opportunity to establish an interest in industrial/commercial activities
  • to provide general work experience so that the student can apply skills acquired at the college and acquire new skills
  • to provide a foundation and prepare the student for working efficiently and productively in industrial/commercial establishments
  • to create a two-way link between the trade and industry sectors and the Colleges of Technology so that the graduates of the colleges may fulfill their needs and requirements

إرشادات تسجيل مقرر التدريب على رأس العمل

Guides on How to Register for OJT

سجل تقييم ومتابعة مقرر التدريب على رأس العمل

On-The-Job Training Assessment Log Book


Contact OJT Department   :

Samir Al-Mahrouqi

OJT, Head