Self Access Center (SAC)

Self-Access center (SAC) strives to provide quality services to the users of different types and multiple specializations to develop their English skills through the provision of various and modern information sources in reading, writing, listening, conversation, grammar, stories, dictionaries, etc.

Student reading and looking

Resources available to you include:

  • Computers connected to the network and Internet (wireless also available)
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • English books, worksheet, dictionaries
  • TOEFL, IELTS, Oxford & Cambridge Examination materials
  • Educational CDs, DVDs

SAC Instructions & Policies

To ensure continuity of service as well as organizing the work, the SAC wants to inform you about the new instructions that the center follows in providing its services. Please kindly read these instructions and adhere to them.

SAC System

Staff and students can search the different books and materials available from the Self-Access Center by accessing the SAC System.

Access the SAC System

Policy on Borrowing Books

Students, staff and college employees benefit from the services in the Self-Access Center.

To borrow a book you must go to the secretary of the center to complete the necessary procedures. The number of books allowed to be borrowed varies according to the following categories:

Category Book Numbers Duration Renewing Times
Teaching Staff 4 3 weeks 1
Students 2 2 weeks 1
Employees 4 3 weeks 1

Policy on Lost Books

If the borrower lost a book that belongs to self-learning center, then he has to pay the amount corresponding to the value of the book. If he causes any damage to a book, then he has to pay the amount corresponding to the value of repairing and rebinding of the book.

Policy on Referential Materials

The referential materials in the self-learning center include dictionaries, audio and visual materials. These materials cannot be borrowed outside the center but is only allowed to be used inside after giving the college card to the center specialist.

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